Executive Biography Detail

Gildo Cecchin

Former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.


The late Gildo Cecchin co-founded Elenco® Electronics, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing educational electronics products for consumers, business, and education. Gildo served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for 27 years.


Cecchin directed sales, engineering, and finance for the company from its inception until his retirement. His strategic direction led to the company becoming the leading supplier of electronic kits for educational institutions, and a growing role in the electronic toys industry.


Cecchin began his career in electronics at Motorola’s advanced development lab and worked as a designer there for 26 years. He received more than 25 patents for his work in developing color television and integrated circuits.


Mr. Cecchin rose from a poor family to being a partner in five corporations, and international recognition for his accomplishments.