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Learn and Play with the Deluxe Remote Controlled Rover Featuring the Disc Launcher and Audio Recording Module

Wheeling, IL -- November 14, 2008 -- The RC Deluxe Snap Rover® is a remote controlled unit that can be controlled through a handset. It’s driven like many other remote controlled vehicles but with the RC Snap Rover® you are responsible for constructing the circuitry that allows the unit to operate. The set includes the remote control, the main body of the Rover (pre-assembled motor, wheels and lights) and the base grid and parts for building the different circuits that will supply commands to the Rover. There is also a disc-launching feature controlled by the handset allowing foam discs to fire from the Rover. In addition there is a sound and recording module that will play back recorded messages from the Rover. Sixty-three different projects are available to build including the disc launcher, the Venus Visitor and a Martian Monster.

Learn how the remote control transmitter, radio receiver and the characteristics of radio reception work together to control the gears and drive mechanisms of a remote controlled vehicle all while having fun operating your Rover with the handset. The remote control has 3 channel settings that allow 3 units to be used at the same time without interfering with each other.

Snap Circuits® has expanded from its original 100 building circuits (Snap Circuits®, Jr.) to the Snap Circuits® 300, Snap Circuits® 500 Pro and Snap Circuits® 750 Extreme. Upgrade kits are available for all versions of these electrical building kits. Snap Circuits® are also available with a computer interface and in school editions with teacher and student guides.

Snap Circuits® earned the 2008 Specialty Toy of the Year Award by the Toy Industry Association (TIA). Snap Circuits® received the Gold Award by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA), has been chosen by Better Homes and Gardens as one of the best toys in 2006 and was awarded “Dr Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products” and “Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Educational Products.”

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