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Global Educator Institute Endorsement

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November 9, 2015


Dear Jeff Coda,

Congratulations! The product you submitted for evaluation, Snap Circuits, has been endorsed by Global Educator Institute!

As you’ll recall, you submitted samples of your product to GEI last September for use in five school systems, ranging from urban to rural. Your products were used in real classrooms for six weeks, and at the end of the evaluation period, teachers provided detailed feedback via GEI’s comprehensive rubric. This endorsement is based on your product’s success in three main categories: Effectiveness, Durability, and Value.

This is terrific news for your company. GEI endorsement reflects real-world success — a distinction that puts you among the best-designed, most effective products for learning and the learning environment. Attached are testimonials from teachers you can use in your marketing and information about accessing and using the GEI Seal of Endorsement in your advertising, packaging, and more.

Best of all, we’ll add a photo and description of your product to the exclusive list of GEI Endorsed products on our website,, which will link site visitors with opportunities to buy your product.

Thank you again for allowing GEI to share your product with our teacher reviewers. You’ve helped us achieve our mission of evaluating products and improving education.  

If you have any questions about this endorsement or about licensing the GEI seal, please let me know.


Katy Bainbridge Founder and President Global Educator Institute



GEI Classroom Reviewer Testimonials

Here’s the great thing about earning GEI endorsement: You get to use glowing reviewer comments in your marketing! Global Educator Institute grants you the rights to use the following testimonials in press releases, websites, catalogs, and other marketing when the information clearly refers to the GEI-endorsed product listed below. Please be sure to include the GEI Teacher Reviewer attribution listed with the quotation.


Product: Snap Circuits

Manufacturer: Elenco Electronics


“The Elenco Snap Circuits made it easy for the students to understand currents

and electricity. It allowed them to explore/change/imagine different paths for electricity, allowing the students to complete activities in an organized format. Putting the parts on a board is brilliant!”

— Mike B., GEI Reviewer


“Excellent product and very durable. I hesitantly challenged a student to try to break one of the pieces – they simply  couldn’t.”

— Mike B., GEI Reviewer


Snap Circuits gives students the great opportunity to explore and learn on their own.”

— Mike B., GEI Reviewer


“The product had great instructions.”

— Mike B., GEI Reviewer


Snap Circuits is easy for teachers to integrate into the classroom without requiring too much teacher direction. Students are engaged and want to go beyond the lessons provided.”

— Mike B., GEI Reviewer


“Our students enjoyed Snap Circuits. They thought it was interesting. As teachers, we enjoyed helping our students see the connection between the items and how they work together. We enjoyed all the different ideas for projects that would engage our students.”

— Melissa W., GEI Reviewer


“Our students enjoyed using this product and learned the importance of reading instructions. They put the first project together incorrectly, so it didn’t produce the desired outcome. They re-read and discussed the instructions together, ultimately rebuilding the project correctly.”

— Melissa W., GEI Reviewer


“Our students were excited to begin and rushed into the project without

reading the instructions all the way through. This caused the project to not work as intended. They re-read and re-attempted and it worked beautifully. Life lesson.”

— Melissa W., GEI Reviewer


“We would recommend this product to teachers from about grade 3+. The students need to be able to read and understand and follow the instructions. The students need to also be able to work cooperatively in a small group, as that is easier for project building than individual work. Individual students can work alone, but groups are more engaging and the students learn better that way.”

— Melissa W., GEI Reviewer


Snap Circuits is beneficial for students in the study of electricity. I think it is priced fair for an item with so many possible learning opportunities.”

— Melissa W., GEI Reviewer


“I feel this product is worthy of the GEI Seal of Endorsement. The Snap Circuits set is a creative, engaging product that is also educational. It teaches an abstract concept to kids in a hands-on, concrete way. Students enjoy using it because it’s fun, and they can learn how something works that they may not have known before. We really enjoyed using this product in our classroom. It was fun and engaging. Thanks for the opportunity!”

— Melissa W., GEI Reviewer


“My students showed genuine enthusiasm for this kit. We had to create a sign-up sheet to be sure that everyone had a fair number of turns. It was   an

independent station in my classroom and small groups of 4 students at a time used it. I observed some great collaborative problem solving discussions as they tried to get their ideas to work. It is challenging enough to keep them focused and working, while being not too challenging where students might get frustrated and give-up.”

— Heidi M., GEI Reviewer


“For classrooms looking to embrace the maker movement, these kits are a great resource for young students. Students are positively challenged, which keeps them interested and engaged.”

— Heidi M., GEI Reviewer


Snap Circuits deserves the GEI Seal of Endorsement based upon how easily it can be used to enhance a classroom or maker space environment. Students enthusiastically work together to try to build circuits and can easily determine if they are successful. By working toward a goal to make the buzzer sound or the whirligig fly, students are intrinsically motivated to persevere until they succeed.”

— Heidi M., GEI Reviewer


“We like that this is a hands-on product that extends our electricity unit.

Students want to do the more complex circuits, but they need to start with the basics and build up.”

— Austen M., GEI Reviewer


“It is a great hands-on tool to build their knowledge about circuits and following directions.”

— Austen M., GEI Reviewer


“This product is an exceptional way to teach and extend knowledge about electricity and engineering skills.”

— Austen M., GEI Reviewer


“I feel this product excites kids because they can create circuits that produce sound and lights. This was the most exciting for kids and there were many different ideas in the book that helped give kids an opportunity for self- discovery. Such a great tool for self-discovery!”

— Kathy R., GEI Reviewer


GEI Classroom Reviewer Feedback

Your product was reviewed very positively by our evaluators, earning it the GEI endorsement. In reviewing all teacher rubric feedback, however, we did capture some critical feedback that might interest you. This will not appear on the GEI website, but you may find it useful for future product development.


  • Adding more music or sounds to increase buy-in and interest.


  • “When we had it in small groups, children seemed to enjoy putting circuits together; however, the pictures were confusing to some and there was no follow-through for teachers (reflections, response sheets, etc.).


  • Students liked the labels and numbers once they were made aware. The small 1, 2, 3 numbers indicating what to place first, second, etc. was mentioned towards the beginning of the project books. A reminder would be good, if this product is intended for children.


  • It seemed a little unclear which book the teachers should begin with. The overall layout of the material seemed a bit crowded.