Dear sirs,

    I felt compelled to write you a quick note regarding the snap circuits products.

    We own the junior and pro sets, they are exceptionally good in quality,cost and importantly the range of enjoyment and learning it provides my seven year old son.

    Thank you for a great product.



    ": I purchased our Snap Circuits Pro set at least 10 years ago for my now 19-year-old son. He had many hours of fun building with it. Now his 13-year-old brother is enjoying it, has been for several years.  A few pieces have succumbed to handling and their age so I thank you for making them available for free. Not many companies have such excellent customer service. I still remember standing in the Learning Express toy store (Wilmington, NC) 10 years or so ago and not being sure I wanted to spend nearly $100 on this toy but I sure am glad now that I did. We no longer live in Wilmington, and our "new" town of Roanoke, VA doesn't have a specialty toy store, so I'm glad this toy came into our lives and has given us great play value over the years. Your toy and your customer service ROCK!" - LC

    Message: To whom it may concern


    I would like to say that I think Snap Circuits is the best educational toy that I have seen in years. The parts "snap" together easily and are solidly made, the picture instructions are clear and the written commentary for each project helps to develop reading ability and understanding. I bought the sc-100 for my 6-year old grandson and within one month had to upgrade him to the sc-300 to keep him happy !!

    He spends as much of his spare time as he is allowed experimenting with it.



    I take great pleasure to send this message to you.


    Meeting Elenco for the First Time

    While at a local Radio Shack store I was looking for some transistors for an assigned lab project for class.  While there, I noticed a rather attractive box marked Elenco Electronics 101, Learn By Doing.  After some thinking, the kit was purchased.  The value was discovered after completing about 75% of the suggested projects.  I knew then I had to find more of these kits.  For a make-up class (weather related), all of us went to Fry's Electronics, which is not far from ITT Techinical.  While there, I happen to run across another Elenco Electronics Kit.  When I bought it, my instructor asked me why and what for.  I briefly explained that this is a new concept in breadboarding.  Inside the package was a single sheet that listed the contents and on the back was an  order form.  Copying that order form led to the building of a required Capstone Project that I needed in order to get my Bachelor's Degree from ITT.

    The Capstone Project and What Followed

    The Capstone project selected was the Marconi Experiment [Redux].  The circuits were taken directly from the Elenco Project Manual.  One was the AM Radio and the other was the Radio Music Alarm.  On Project Demonstration Day, both circuits were last minute checked and they worked.  For the Real Check Inspection, both circuits were seperated by some 15 feet and the receiver piked up all signals from the transmitter.  My instructor was so intrigued that he asked me where the boards and the components came from.  I gave him Elenco's address the next class session.  The bottom line was an is I did get my Bachelor's Degree.


    In deepest appreciation,


    Dear Elenco,

         Thank you for replacing my broken whistle chip.  I am enjoying learning some basic electronics.  The information on your project books on  how to contact you is very much appreciated.  You handled my problem quickly.  It is not easy to get good customer service these days.

    Thank you, sincerely,


    I just wanted to write you guys a note to let you know that my 6 year old is really loving the Snap Circuits we got him for his birthday. He plays with them every day and amazes me with what he comes up with, both from the book and on his own.

    Yesterday I helped him cut out the paper wheel for the spinning optical illusion project and he got a real kick out of it. We moved on to drawing directly on blank spinning pieces of paper and now he's churning them out like a factory. It was the first thing he wanted to do when he woke up.

    Anyway, I just wanted to send you guys a note of appreciation. I figure as an independent company you may actually read these and take some pleasure from knowing your product is broadening my son's imagination.




    Just wanted to say thank you very much for providing replacement of parts at no charge. Our 9-year-old has been using your circuits for 3 years and still going strong. He has learned so much about electricity and circuits, it's unbelievable. Now our 6-year-old has now begun with his own starter set and will surely ask for upgrades continuously just like his big brother. The plastic carrying case is very convenient and a nice tidy clean up too. Your service of replacement parts shows your commitment to customer service and confidence in your product. We have recommended your products to practically everyone with kids.
    Thanks again!


    To whom it may concern,

        I am blown away by the customer service of your company.

       I sent an email a few weeks ago about a broken shaft part on the Rover that we bought our son for Christmas from Amazon. A few days later, I received an email stating a part was being shipped and today I received not just a part, but the entire bottom part of the rover. My son was stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       I am so grateful for your company and customer service. I will highly recommend your company and products!!!!!!!! Thank YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU for outstanding customer service!!!





    I purchased the Snap Circuits Jr. Kit for my great nephew for Christmas. (at his request). After seeing it, I started wondering if a larger kit might be a good activity for my 97 year old father. Would he be insulted? "What am I supposed to do with this kids game?" I decided to risk it and bought him the 750 Extreme. When he opened it he looked confused. He wasn't sure what it was....I just jumped in and said,"Let's build something!" Once we got into it he was thrilled! Although he was in sales management, he has always been interested in all things scientific. He was the "Radio Guy" for his battalion in WWII", and has always been the wiring guy, and fixer in our extended family. After just a few hours of using it, terms and concepts that he thought long forgotten were coming back to him.

    He looked at a symbol on one of the components and said "See this Honey?

    This means "Micro Farrad!" And then under his breath..."Where the Hell was THAT stored?" That evening he drew, from memory, a schematic for a five tube radio that he had build as a kid! Although my dad is not a typical 97 year old; he spends his time watching videos on the computer about the Higgs-Boson, particle physics and opera, your product has added another dimension to his life. For that I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks.




    I just wanted to tell you how highly I think of your Green Energy product.

    I really think you should also advertise it to adults as it is simply an amazing tool to learn hands on about the various forms of green energy that we read about often in the news but never fully understand. In my 40s I have become interested in learning about electricity and have been amazed at how your product has made what on the surface seems complex into an intuitive and thrilling learning experience.  It is truly the textbook definition of  "fun for all ages".



    Gary - New Jersey