I bought Snap Circuits 100 for my son Clark for his 7th birthday. He really enjoyed following the diagrams and he was doing so well with them. Then he rearranged some circuits on his own. When it did what he thought it would he said, "I think I just felt my brain grow." I can't thank you enough for making such a great product. Hearing him say that just made me the happiest dad around.

    Received the BG.  Thank you!  A great product and customer service!


    John Madden

    Wanting to thank Marc for his prompt response when I contacted the webmaster after this link failed to work the first time. He quickly shipped the needed part to get my kit working and responded promptly and helpfully to followup emails.

    I think the student I was working with actually learned a lot more by needing to troubleshoot a few things that didn't work right off. Had everything worked right away, we wouldn't have dug into how things worked nearly as much.

    Thanks for the help and for a good learning experience.


    Bedford Community Schools


    My son received an SC-300 Snap Circuit kit for Christmas…

    My son (age 9) LOVES this kit. This had to have been his favorite gift by far. He has been having a great time building and then modifying projects over and over. I am heartily recommending your product to everyone I know!

    Thank you for making such a wonderful educational toy/learning tool.

    My grandson received it for Christmas and I must say it is the FIRST and I repeat First time I have ever seen anything hold his interest (other than Chess) for more than 20 minutes. He absolutely loves it, he will be 8 in March and is already wondering if there are replacement parts (just in case) or if you have a catalog he could look at other than on the Internet. The price was also very reasonable because he has one hundred dollar toys that he never touches. And for a product to hold his attention like this kit does for only 59 dollars is a BARGAIN!!!

    Thank You Once Again,


    Good day. I wanted to let you know that I purchased your snap together circuit set for Christmas for my 11-year old nephew. I just got it yesterday. It is so very cool, if it wasn’t pre wrapped in cellophane, I know I would be trying it out first…I know that it will definitely get him well on his way to becoming an electrical engineer he dreams to some day be. A special thanks to all the people involved in making these great “toys” available today. We have come a long way from the old erector set… Happy Holidays.

    To Whom It May Concern: We bought our grandson for Christmas the Electronic Snap Circuits Kit with over 500 experiments in the box. It is so much fun and a wonderful learning tool for our grandson. He is a special child with special needs, including mental retardation. He needs help, though 10 y/o, yet he was able to concentrate on this for much longer than he usually would on something. We built six projects at one setting yesterday. Quite a feat for this guy…