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Product name Product model Hi-res image
Line Tracking Robot 21890
Six Leg Walking Gearbox 21135
Titan Tank 21531N
Titan Tank Kit (twin pack) 21531N2
Beetle Robot 21534N
Test_product Test_product
Test_Product14-09 Test_Product14-09 Chrysanthemum2.jpg
Solar Cell 4.5V 6SCB2 6scb2.jpg
Snap Circuits ® Beginner SCB20
Projects 102-305 Manual 753098 7530981.gif


  • john Dear sirs, I felt compelled to write you a quick note regarding the snap circuits products. We own the junior and pro sets, they are exceptionally good in quality,cost and importantly the range of enjoyment and learning it provides my seven year old son. Thank you for a gr
  • john ": I purchased our Snap Circuits Pro set at least 10 years ago for my now 19-year-old son. He had many hours of fun building with it. Now his 13-year-old brother is enjoying it, has been for several years.  A few pieces have succumbed to handling and their age so I thank you for making
  • john Message: To whom it may concern   I would like to say that I think Snap Circuits is the best educational toy that I have seen in years. The parts "snap" together easily and are solidly made, the picture instructions are clear and the written commentary for each project helps to
  • john I take great pleasure to send this message to you.   Meeting Elenco for the First Time While at a local Radio Shack store I was looking for some transistors for an assigned lab project for class.  While there, I noticed a rather attractiv
  • john Dear Elenco,      Thank you for replacing my broken whistle chip.  I am enjoying learning some basic electronics.  The information on your project books on  how to contact you is very much appreciated.  You handled my problem quickly.  It is not