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If you have the SC750 Extreme version or any of the S versions you can download the CI-73 software



  • Message: To whom it may concern   I would like to say that I think Snap Circuits is the best educational toy that I have seen in years. The parts "snap" together easily and are solidly made, the picture instructions are clear and the written commentary for each project helps to
  • I take great pleasure to send this message to you.   Meeting Elenco for the First Time While at a local Radio Shack store I was looking for some transistors for an assigned lab project for class.  While there, I noticed a rather attractiv
  • Dear Elenco,      Thank you for replacing my broken whistle chip.  I am enjoying learning some basic electronics.  The information on your project books on  how to contact you is very much appreciated.  You handled my problem quickly.  It is not
  • I just wanted to write you guys a note to let you know that my 6 year old is really loving the Snap Circuits we got him for his birthday. He plays with them every day and amazes me with what he comes up with, both from the book and on his own. Yesterday I helped him cut out the paper wheel
  • Just wanted to say thank you very much for providing replacement of parts at no charge. Our 9-year-old has been using your circuits for 3 years and still going strong. He has learned so much about electricity and circuits, it's unbelievable. Now our 6-year-old has now begun with his own starter s

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