Product Name Elenco model # Manual Download
TOBBIE II TTC-894 MB TTC-894_Manual_LR
Mech-5 TTC-895 TTC-895_Manual_LR
SolarBot.14 TTG-615 TTG-615_Manual_LR
MotoBot.4 TTR-891 TTR-891_Manual_MotoBot.4
Meta.4 TTG-617 TTG-617_Manual_meta.4
HydroBot Arm Kit TTR-632 TTR-632_Manual_LR
King Lizard Robot Kit TTR-892 TTR-892_Manual_King Lizard Robot
Rivet-Rex 12 TTG-618 TTG-618_Manual_rivet Rex
Zivko the Robot TTR-893 01_893_Zivko_Manual_LR
Robotic Arm WC TTR-535 TTR-535_ WIRED CONTROL ARM_Manual_LR
Air Screamer TTG-631 TTG-631M_Air Screamer
Solar Fun 6 TTG-610 TTG-610 SolarFun6_manual
Solar Mini-Racer TTG-681 TTG_681_Manual_Solar Mini Racer
Solar Rover TTG-684 TTG-684 M_Solar rover


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