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Toy Safety Statement from Elenco®

For all our customers concerned with the recall of toys made in China, that have tested positive for lead or contained magnets that could be swallowed, we would like to assure you our Snap Circuits® products meet American Society for Testing and Materials toy requirements  (ASTM963), Standard Consumer Safety Specification (16CFR), and International Standards for Toys & Children's Products (EN71). Snap Circuits® are approved and recommended for children ages 8 and older.

For more information from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  about the facts of lead poisoning please follow this link:

Elenco®’s Snap Circuits® are not only free of lead-based paints and inks but they are also patented with special circuits for safety (US 7,144,255) titled “Electronic Toy and Teaching Aid Safety Devices”.  Elenco® will continue to distribute toys that are educational and safe for children and our Quality Control department will always monitor our products to insure their safety.We thank you for supporting our products and for sending us the hundreds of praising letters about our Snap Circuits® line. They have been helpful in achieving the following awards:

  • Specialty Toys & Gifts Magazine-Top Selling Item in the Specialty Market.
  • Creative Child Magazine-Toy Of The Year
  • The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval
  • Learning Express "Most Innovative Toy"
  • Dr Toy 10 Best Educational Products
  • Dr Toy 100 Best Children's Products
  • NAPPA Gold - National Parenting Publications Awards

All applicable Elenco products meet or exceed the 2008 CPSIA guidelines for Toy Safety. Click Here to obtain the Manufacturer Certificate of Compliance.

If you would like additional information please call or contact me by email.

Elenco® Electronics Inc.


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