Learn to code with Snap Circuits® Discover Coding!


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Learn to Code with Snap Circuits!

Download the new Snap Circuits® Coding App and control Snap Circuits® projects using a smartphone or tablet.

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New Bluetooth-powered SC Controller.

Uses easy graphical coding or more advanced BLOCKLY coding. Program your own patterns of lights, sounds, and moving parts.

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Snap Circuits® Discover Coding

Learn to code with Snap Circuits!

For nearly 20 years, future engineers all over the world have learned basic electricity with Snap Circuits® kits. Now, Snap Circuits® is taking the next generation into the world of coding! Download the Snap Circuits® App and control Snap Circuits® projects using your smartphone or tablet to control lights, sounds and a motor! Discover Coding is a great introduction to coding, using easy graphical coding. More advanced coders can move up to BLOCKLY coding.

Three ways to control:

  • Real-time control
  • Easy-to-use graphical coding
  • BLOCKLY code

Learn the basics of coding, then code your own patterns of lights, sounds and moving parts.


  • Learn about circuitry, electronics, and much more!
  • Illustrated, easy-to-use, full-color project manual explains electrical and coding concepts and includes exciting coding challenges!
  • Over 30 Snap Circuits parts, including the new Bluetooth-powered SC Controller.
  • 5 Control Outputs – Control up to 5 circuit paths together or independently to create different circuits and projects.
  • Ages 8+