Snap Circuits® Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find a comparison of all the Snap Circuits® models? Click here for help deciding which model to purchase.
  2. Are the larger versions (such as the SC-750 or the upgrades to it) too advanced for an 8-year-old? All Snap Circuits® products are for ages 8 and up, except for Snap Circuits® Beginner SCB-20 (ages 5+) and Snapino® (ages 12+). The larger versions have more parts and projects so kids have more to do, but are just as easy to use. The computer interface in the SC-750 has an easy-to-follow manual that is suitable for an 8-year-old, but an 8-year-old may not fully understand the importance of what he/she is doing.
  3. The manuals are educational, but do you have anything that really teaches electronics? Check out Snap Circuits® Home Learning Electronic Fun.  Great for remote learning!
  4. Where can I learn more about the parts in Snap Circuits®? See the “About Your Snap Circuits® Parts” section in the project manual that comes with your set.
  5. Where can I learn more about what is inside the various Snap Circuits® IC modules? Download the information package.
  6. Are the manuals available on-line? Yes, you can find them HERE. Note that the SC-300/500/750 products include other manuals. For example, if you need the SC-500 manual, then you need to download the SC-500, SC-300 and SC-100 manuals.
  7. What power sources can be used with Snap Circuits®? Only use the battery holders included in your set. Never use ANY other source of power (except if it’s a solar set). Never combine batteries holders from different sets. The only exception is our AC-SNAP AC Power Supply for Snap Circuits® (available HERE! ), which may be used instead of batteries, but never in addition to them.
  8. Questions about the SC-750 computer interface:
    1. What does the computer interface do? It lets you “look” at the electrical signals by turning your PC into an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. It does not use your computer to control your circuits, only to monitor them.
    2. Do you have a Mac version? No.
    3. Is the manual available on-line? Download the manual.
    4. Can the software and cable be used with other products? Yes.
  9. What retail store in my area carries Snap Circuits® products and upgrade kits? Select the “Where to Buy” box on our website. Note that most upgrade kits are only sold online.
  10. How can I order from abroad when I don’t know what the shipping charge will be? How can I figure shipping? The shipping charge varies by country & product weight, so contact us for the cost.
  11. The fan does not fit properly on the motor M1, what do I do? There should be a black plastic piece with three prongs on the motor shaft. If it is not at the top of the shaft then use a screwdriver to move it to the top. If the black piece is missing or some prongs are broken, then you need to order a new motor top (part number 6SCM1T).
  12. What is the difference between the standard Snap Circuits® models (SC-100/300/500/750) and the “R” models (SC-100R/300R/500R/750R)? The “R” models are the educational versions, which include a Student Guide, Teacher Guide, and an upgraded case.
  13. What is the difference between the Snap Circuits® Jr (model SC-100) and Snap Circuits® Jr Select (model SC-130)? The SC-130 has different parts and additional projects, but is not compatible with our upgrade kits or Student Guide.
  14. Do you offer Snap Circuits® Manuals in French? Yes, currently we have a handful of manuals available in French.  Please click here and you will be directed to a page that shows all available Snap Circuits® models with a French Manual.  Contact your local dealer or for availability of the Bilingual English-French models.
  15. How do I clean my Snap Circuits®  Parts? Snap Circuits® parts can be cleaned using cleaners and disinfectants normally used for wiping tables and surfaces, according to the specifications of those cleaning products.  For example, one can use aerosol cleaner (such as Lysol) or wipe our parts with a disinfecting wipe. However, do not immerse Snap Circuits® parts in water, cleaning solutions, or any type of liquid. As for the COVID-19 virus specifically, please check the CDC, federal, and state guidelines regarding cleaning surfaces and shared items.

General Questions

  1. What do I do if I have support questions? Email us at or call us at 1-800-533-2441.
  2. How do I cancel or return an item purchased thru your site? If you need to cancel an item, contact For questions about returns and exchanges, see our Return & Exchange Policy.
  3. Can I purchase replacement parts? Of course! Find parts HERE
  4. Do you offer a discount to educators? Please email us at
  5. Do you accept purchase orders from schools and other organizations? Yes, please email your order to
  6. How do I become a supplier? Please email us at
  7. Where can I find company information and product images for media purposes? Please contact for logos, product images, and other write-ups and reviews on our company and products.
  8. I am a retailer – how do I learn more about selling your products? Please email us at
  9. I have a new product idea or invention I’d like to pitch to you, can I send it over? Do not send us anything you believe is confidential or private. Anything you send us by email or otherwise is non-proprietary and non-confidential. This includes photos, drawings, videos, product ideas, and invention ideas. If you send us unsolicited ideas or items, you are agreeing that the information is provided to us free of charge and without any expectation of privacy or ownership.
  10. Where can I get hi-res images and logos? If you are Media, please contact Otherwise, fill out our image request form.
  11. What if the test equipment I purchased needs service or repair? Is there a warranty? All Elenco® test equipment models are guaranteed for two years on all parts and service. For the first three months after purchase, you will receive full coverage at no charge. For the remaining 21 months, a nominal service charge is required to cover shipping and handling. Full details available upon request. For repair rates, shipping and handling costs please call 847-541-3800 extension 233 for further information. Package the unit carefully using filler or bubble wrap, and if possible, ship in original box. Ship each unit separately. (Elenco® is not responsible for any shipping damage that may occur.) Include a packing list with each unit shipped stating what type of service is required and include the return shipping information: name, address and telephone number. If the unit is within the warranty period, please provide proof of purchase or copy of the original invoice. If the unit is out of warranty, prepayment is required by check, money order or credit card.
Ship prepaid to: Elenco Electronics Inc. ATTN: SERVICE/REPAIR 150 Carpenter Ave. Wheeling IL 60090