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Model Product Name Manual
21135 DISCONTINUED - Six Leg Walking Gearbox Download
21531N Titan Tank Download
21531N2 Titan Tank Kit (twin pack) Download
21532N DISCONTINUED - Space Nine Kit Download
21534N Robot Beetle Download
21890 Line Tracking Robot Download
6SCB2 Solar Kits Cell 4.5V Download
6SCB5 DISCONTINUED - 9V Battery Holder & Switch Download
6SCFM FM Module Download
6SCRX1 R/C Receiver Download
6SCRX2 Deluxe R/C Receiver Download
6SCTX1 Remote Control Unit Download
6SCU1 Music IC Download
6SCU2 Alarm IC Download
6SCU4 Power Amplifier IC Download
6SCU5 High Frequency IC Download
6SCU6 Recording IC Download
6SCU7 Motion Detector Module U7 (for SCP-03) Download
6SCU8 Motor Control IC Download
6SCU9 Sound & Recording IC Download
753098 Projects 102-305 Manual Download
753102 Projects 1-101 Manual Download
753104 Projects 306-511 Manual Download
753131 R/C Snap Rover® Manual Download
753154 XP™ Manual Download
753235 Snap Circuits® BRIC Structures Manual Download
753285 LIGHT Manual Download
753292 Projects 512-692 Manual Download
753293 Projects PC1-PC73 Manual Download
753296 Electronics 202 Manual Download
753303 Manual Snaptricity® Download
753305 Deluxe Snap Rover® Manual Download
753317 Green Projects Manual Download
ACSNAP AC Adapter for Snap Circuits® Download
AK100 Solder Practice Kit w/ Iron & Cutters Download
AK300 Digital Roulette Kit Download
AK510 DISCONTINUED - Motion Detector Kit Download
AK700 DISCONTINUED - Telephone Kit Download
AK710 FM Wireless Microphone Kit Download
AM550CK AM Radio Kit (combo Transistor and IC) Download
AM550K DISCONTINUED - AM Radio Kit Download
AM550TK DISCONTINUED - AM Radio Kit (Transistor) Download
AM780K Two IC AM Radio Kit Download
AMFM108CK AM/FM Radio Kit ( Download
AMFM108K DISCONTINUED - SEE AMFM108CK for replacement Download
AMFM108TK DISCONTINUED - SEE AMFM108CK for replacement Download
CI73 Computer Interface for Snap Circuits Download
CM125 Circuit Maker Skill Builder 125 Download
CM1555 Digital Capacitance Meter Download
CM200 Circuit Maker Skill Builder 200 Download
CS440 Capacitor Substitution Box Download
DT100 Diode / Transistor Tester Download
DT100K Diode/Transistor Tester Kit Download
ECK10 Electronic Component Kit Download
EDU23703 5-in-1 100x-1200x Deluxe Microscope Download
EDU2837 11" Dual-Cartography LED Illuminated Globe Download
EDU3020 DISCONTINUED - Lemon Clock Download
EDU3050 DISCONTINUED - Solar Energy Download
EDU3070 DISCONTINUED - Water Clock Download
EDU36700 Slide Making Kit Download
EDU36734 Chemistry Lab Kit Download
EDU36749 Metal Detector with Beep Alert Download
EDU36793 Rock Tumbler Download
EDU36820 DISCONTINUED - C2D Scope Download
EDU36841 DISCONTINUED - 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x Mini Videoscope Download
EDU36899 11" Desktop Political Globe Download
EDU36920 5" Political Globe Download
EDU36944 288x Astrolon Telescope with Aluminum Tripod Download
EDU36966 DISCONTINUED - Treasure Hunter Metal Detector Download
EDU37113 DISCONTINUED - Talking Solar Kits System Download
EDU37149 Wildlife Globe Download
EDU37173 DISCONTINUED - Ranger R/C Metal Detector Download
EDU37307 Simulated Frog Dissection Kit Download
EDU37310 Bug Collector Set Download
EDU37329 T-Rex Skeleton Download
EDU37332 DISCONTINUED - Rock Driller Download
EDU37364 DISCONTINUED-Galaxy Star Finder Download
EDU37411 DISCONTINUED - 4D Eye Puzzle Download
EDU37412 DISCONTINUED - 4D Heart Puzzle Download
EDU37413 DISCONTINUED - 4D Human Body Anatomy Puzzle Download
EDU37414 DISCONTINUED - 4D Cranial Nerve Skull Puzzle Download
EDU37436 DISCONTINUED - Robotic Beeper Download
EDU37439 DISCONTINUED - Telescope w/Tripod Download
EDU37440 DISCONTINUED - Air Jet Rocket Download
EDU37502 DISCONTINUED - The Night’n Day® Globe Download
EDU37526 Radio Controlled Black Widow Download
EDU37674 Handheld Microscope Download
EDU37677 Water Filtration Kit Download
EDU37723 DISCONTINUED - DIY Microscope Kit Download
EDU38002 DISCONTINUED - Digital Eye Scope Download
EDU38006 6-in-1 Solar Kit Download
EDU41001 100x-750x Zoom Microscope Set Download
EDU41002 Microscope Lab Max Download
EDU41003 100x, 200x, 300x Microscope Set Download
EDU41004 DISCONTINUED - 100x, 300x, 600x Microscope Set with Light and Projector Download
EDU41005 Mobile 20/30/40x Telescope Download
EDU41006 Human Torso Small Download
EDU41007 Human Torso Large Download
EDU41008 DISCONTINUED - Deluxe Microscope Set Download
EDU41009 2-way Microscope Download
EDU41010 DISCONTINUED - Astrolon 525x Refractor Telescope Download
EDU41011 Microscope Set in Carrying Case Download
EDU41012 DISCONTINUED - Maxscope Set Download
EDU557 DISCONTINUED - Peg Sculpture Head Julius Ceasar Download
EDU559 Limited Stock - Peg Sculpture® Head T-Rex Download
EDU567 Peg Sculpture® Head Queen Nefertiti Download
EDU568 DISCONTINUED - Peg Sculpture ® Head Tutankhamun Download
EDU61001 DISCONTINUED - Mechanical Drum Download
EDU61002 DISCONTINUED - Aerial Screw Download
EDU61003 DISCONTINUED - Swing Bridge Download
EDU61004 DISCONTINUED -Printing Press Download
EDU61005 DISCONTINUED - MultiBarrel Cannon Download
EDU61006 DISCONTINUED - Armored Car Download
EDU61007 Paddleboat Download
EDU61008 Self-Propelled Cart Download
EDU61009 Catapult Download
EDU61010 DISCONTINUED - Bombard Download
EDU61018 DISCONTINUED - Mechanical Butterfly Download
EDU61020 Submarine Download
EDU61021 Great Kite Download
EDU61022 DISCONTINUED- Multiple Sling Download
EDU61023 Ship Cannon with Shield Download
EDU62019 Tumbling Robot Download
EDU62022 Sound Control UFO Download
EDU62104 Mini Electric Guitar Download
EDU62221 Strandbeest Download
EDU62222 Rhinoceros Mini-Beest Kit Download
EDU7075 Chem- Science Download
EDU7082 DISCONTINUED - Go Science Magnet Fun Download
EDU7090 Robotics Download
EDU8355 Super Chem 120 Download
EDU8400 DISCONTINUED - Heart Beat Download
EDU8405 DISCONTINUED - Solar Power Download
EDU8740 Hydrolab Download
EDU8900 DISCONTINUED - Energy Lab Download
EDUBL131 Insect Exploring Kit Download
EDUCM007 DISCONTINUED - Crystal Wonder Download
EDUCM011 DISCONTINUED - Volcano Download
EDUEL10T EL10T: My First Coding Robot Download
EDUSK007 DISCONTINUED - 3D DIY Eyeball Kit with CD Download
EDUSK009 DISCONTINUED - 3D DIY Heart Kit with CD Download
EDUSK010 DISCONTINUED - 3D DIY Brain Kit with CD Download
EL362 DISCONTINUED - Bigshot Camera Download
EP130 Electronic Playground 130 Download
EP50 50-In-One Electronic Playground Download
F2800 DISCONTINUED - HandHeld 3GHz Universal Counter Download
F2850 DISCONTINUED - Freq. Counter 10Hz-3GHz - DISCONTINUED Download
FG500 1MHz Function Generator Download
FG500K 1MHz Function Generator in Kit Form Download
FG600K Surface Mount 1MHz Generator Kit Download
FM88K AutoScan Fm Radio Kit Download
FO25 DISCONTINUED - Fiber Optics Voice Data Kit Download
FO30K Adventure in Fiber Optics Kit Download
FUN875 DISCONTINUED - Radio Controlled Car Kit Download
GF800/555 Sine/Square Wave Audio Generator Download
GF8056 5MHz Function Generator Download
K10 Space War Gun Download
K11 015V Power Supplies Kit Download
K14 Christmas Tree Kit Download
K16 Electronic Cricket Download
K17 LED Robot Blinker Download
K19 Digital Bird Download
K20 DISCONTINUED - Nerve Tester Download
K22A DISCONTINUED - Yap Box Download
K24 DISCONTINUED - Whooper Alarm Download
K26 Metal Detector Download
K28 Pocket Dice Download
K29 DISCONTINUED - TV/FM Oscillator Download
K34 One Button Bandit Download
K35 Telephone Bug Download
K36 Sound Activated Switch Download
K37 Resistor Substitution Box Download
K38 Capacitor Substitution Box Download
LCM1950 Multimeters 3 3/4 Digit Cap./Ind./Logic Download
LP425K Logic Pulser Kit Download
LP525K Logic Probe Kit Download
LP560 Logic Probe Download
M1000D DISCONTINUED - Compact Multimeter Download
M1000E Compact Multimeters Download
M1007K DISCONTINUED - Digital Mulitmeter Kit Download
M1008K Compact Digital Multimeters KIT Download
M105 M105 Analog VOM Download
M1250 23 Range 20k/V VOM Download
M1250K 23 Range 20k/V VOM in Kit Form Download
M1750 Multimeters 3 1/2 Digit Cap./ Freq./ Trans. w/ Grey Boot Download
M2625 DISCONTINUED - 3 1/2 Digit with Temperature Download
M2625A Digital Multimeters Download
M2665K DISCONTINUED - Manual Only Download
M2666K Multimeters 3 1/2 Digit Cap. / Trans. Kit Download
M2795 DISCONTINUED - 3 1/2 Digit Cap./ Trans./ Freq. Download
M5500R DISCONTINUED - Digital Bench Multimeters Download
MM8000K Micro-Master® Computer Training Kit Download
MR1007 DISCONTINUED - Quadrobotz Download
MR1017 DISCONTINUED - Picobotz Download
MWK03 DISCONTINUED - Robomech Download
MX510B DISCONTINUED - Electronic Bell Action Kit Download
MX510G Generator Action Kit Download
MX510L DISCONTINUED - Electronic Light Action Kit Download
MX510M Electronic Motor Action Kit Download
MX700K DISCONTINUED - Metal Detector Kit Download
MX901A AM Radio Kit Download
MX901AF AM/FM Radio Kit Download
MX901C Crystal Radio Kit Download
MX901F FM Radio Kit Download
MX901SW Short Wave Radio Kit Download
MX905 75-In-One Electronic Project Lab Download
MX907 200-in-1 Electronic Project Lab Download
MX908 300-in-One Electronic Project Lab Download
MX909 DISCONTINUED - 500-in-1 Electronic Project Lab Download
P1E 65MHz x1 x10 Scope Probe Download
P2E 100MHz x1 x10 Scope Probe Download
P3E 250MHz x1 x10 Scope Probe Download
PK101 Basic Electronic Experiments Download
PK101B Same as PK101 w/ 9830 Breadboard Download
PK201 PK101 with Computer Interface Download
RCC7K DISCONTINUED - Radio Controlled Car Soldering Download
RS400 Resistor Substitution Box Download
RS500 1 Watt Resistor Substitution Box Download
S1325 30MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope Download
SC100 Snap Circuits® Jr. Download
SC100R Snap Circuits® Jr. Educational 100 Exp. Download
SC130 Snap Circuits® Jr. Select Download
SC300 Snap Circuits® Classic Download
SC300R SC-300R Snap Circuits® Training Program Download
SC300S Snap Circuits® 300-in-1 with Computer Interface Download
SC3DMEG Snap Circuits® 3D M.E.G. Download
SC3Di Snap Circuits® 3D Illumination Download
SC500 Snap Circuits® Pro Download
SC500R SC-500R Snap Circuits® Training Program Download
SC500S Snap Circuits® Pro/ Computer Interface Download
SC750 Snap Circuits® Extreme Download
SC750R SC-750R Snap Circuits® Training Program Download
SCA200 Snap Circuits® Arcade Download
SCB20 Snap Circuits® Beginner Download
SCBE75 Snaptricity® Download
SCBRIC1 Snap Circuits® Bric: Structures Download
SCC350 Snap Circuits® Sound & Light Combo Download
SCD303 Snap Circuits Discover Coding Download
SCDLG100 Snap Circuits® Logic Gates Download
SCDLG200 Snap Circuits® Logic Gates and Circuits Download
SCG125 Snap Circuits® Green Download
SCG225 Snap Circuits Green Energy Download
SCHL1 Snap Circuits® Home Learning Download
SCL175 Snap Circuits® LIGHT Download
SCM165 Snap Circuits® Motion Download
SCM400 Snap Circuits® SnapMicro I Standard Download
SCM450 DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits SnapMicro I Deluxe ® Download
SCMYH7 Snap Circuits MyHome Download
SCP01 DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits Musical Recorder ® Download
SCP02 DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits FM Radio ® Download
SCP03 DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits Motion Detector ® Download
SCP06 Snap Circuits® Flying Saucer Download
SCP07 DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits Water Clock ® Download
SCP08 Snap Circuits® Electromagnetism Download
SCP09 Snap Circuits® Flying Saucer Plus Download
SCP10 Snap Circuits® Basic Electricity Download
SCP11 Snap Circuits® LED Fun Download
SCP12 Snap Circuits® FM Radio Download
SCP13 Snap Circuits® Motion Detector Download
SCP14 Snap Circuits® Strobe Light and Sound Download
SCROV10 RC Snap Rover® Download
SCROV50 Discontinued-Snap Circuits® Deluxe Snap Rover® Download
SCS185 Snap Circuits® SOUND Download
SCSTEM1 Snap Circuits® STEM Download
SCXP50 DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits® XP Download
SG9000 DISCONTINUED - Wide Band RF Generator Download
SG9200 DISCONTINUED - Audio Generator Download
SG9500 DISCONTINUED - Wide Band RF Generator w/ Counter Download
SK40 Deluxe Solar Kits Educational Kit Download
SKM250 Hands-on Basic Electronics Kit Download
SL5 Soldering Station (No Iron) Download
SL540 Soldering Station (40W Iron) Download
SL5K DISCONTINUED - Soldering Station Kit (No Iron) Download
SL5K40 Soldering Station Kit (40W Iron) Download
SL75 Soldering Station Download
SM200K Surface Mount Technology Kit Download
SP1A Practical Soldering Project Kit Download
SP3B Practical Soldering Project Kit Download
ST92 DISCONTINUED - Fiber Optic Viewing Scope Download
TCT255K DataCom Tester Kit Download
TCT355 MultiModular Cable Tester Download
TG50 DISCONTINUED - Tone Generator Download
TP20 Tone Probe Download
TPG70 Tone Generator / Probe Set Download
TT400K DISCONTINUED - Telephone Line Analyzer Kit Download
UC100 DISCONTINUED - Upgrade Kit SC300 & UP to SCM400 Download
UC30 Limited Stock – Upgrade Kit SC100 to SC300 Download
UC40 Limited Stock - Upgrade Kit SC100 to SC500 Download
UC50 Upgrade Kit SC300 to SC500 Download
UC60 Limited Stock – Upgrade Kit SC100 to SC750 Download
UC70 Upgrade Kit SC300 to SC750 Download
UC80 Upgrade Kit SC500 to SC750 Download
UC90 Upgrade Kit SCROV10 to SCROV50 Download
UCDL Limited Stock – Disc Launcher for SCROV50 (included in UC90) Download
WJL6000 Halogen Leak Detector Download
WMSK200 FM Radio Soldering Kit with Tools Download
WMSK300 WEmake Sound Reversing Car Kit Download
XK150 Digital / Analog Trainer Download
XK500 DISCONTINUED - Digital-Analog Trainer Download
XK550 DISCONTINUED - Digital / Analog Trainer in Case Download
XK550K Digital / Analog Trainer Kit Version Download
XK700 Deluxe Digital / Analog Trainer Download
XK700K Deluxe Digital / Analog Trainer Kit Version Download
XK700T Deluxe Digital / Analog Trainer with Tools Download
XK700TK Deluxe Digital / Analog Trainer with Tools Kit Version Download
XP100 Deluxe Battery Eliminator Download
XP15 Variable Voltage Power Supplies Download
XP15K Variable Voltage Power Supplies Kit Download
XP581A Quad 020V @ 2.5A 3 Fixed Download
XP605 030VDC @ 5A Analog Download
XP625 AC/DC Power Supplies Download
XP720 Triple Supply w/ 12.6VAC CT @ 1A Download
XP720K Same as XP720 in Kit Form Download
XP752A 050VDC @ 3A LCD Display Download
XP765 DISCONTINUED - 0-20 VDC Power Supplies Digital Display Download
XP770 Dual 0-20V @ 2A 5V @ 2A LCD Download
XP800 DISCONTINUED - Two AC Variable Voltages; 0-120V and 0-40V @ 7A, Plus 0-28VDC @ up to 10A Download
XR38 Regulated 13.8V @ 3A Download
XR38U Regulated 13.8V @ 3A Download