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ModelProduct NameManual
21135DISCONTINUED - Six Leg Walking GearboxDownload
21531NTitan TankDownload
21531N2Titan Tank Kit (twin pack)Download
21532NDISCONTINUED - Space Nine KitDownload
21534NRobot BeetleDownload
21890Line Tracking RobotDownload
6SCB2Solar Kits Cell 4.5VDownload
6SCB5DISCONTINUED - 9V Battery Holder & SwitchDownload
6SCFMFM ModuleDownload
6SCRX1R/C ReceiverDownload
6SCRX2Deluxe R/C ReceiverDownload
6SCTX1Remote Control UnitDownload
6SCU1Music ICDownload
6SCU2Alarm ICDownload
6SCU4Power Amplifier ICDownload
6SCU5High Frequency ICDownload
6SCU6Recording ICDownload
6SCU7Motion Detector Module U7 (for SCP-03)Download
6SCU8Motor Control ICDownload
6SCU9Sound & Recording ICDownload
753098Projects 102-305 ManualDownload
753102Projects 1-101 ManualDownload
753104Projects 306-511 ManualDownload
753131R/C Snap Rover® ManualDownload
753154XP™ ManualDownload
753235Snap Circuits® BRIC Structures ManualDownload
753285LIGHT ManualDownload
753292Projects 512-692 ManualDownload
753293Projects PC1-PC73 ManualDownload
753296Electronics 202 ManualDownload
753303Manual Snaptricity®Download
753305Deluxe Snap Rover® ManualDownload
753317Green Projects ManualDownload
ACSNAPAC Adapter for Snap Circuits®Download
AK100Solder Practice Kit w/ Iron & CuttersDownload
AK300Digital Roulette KitDownload
AK510DISCONTINUED - Motion Detector KitDownload
AK700DISCONTINUED - Telephone KitDownload
AK710FM Wireless Microphone KitDownload
AM550CKAM Radio Kit (combo Transistor and IC)Download
AM550KDISCONTINUED - AM Radio KitDownload
AM550TKDISCONTINUED - AM Radio Kit (Transistor)Download
AM780KTwo IC AM Radio KitDownload
AMFM108CKAM/FM Radio Kit (Download
AMFM108KDISCONTINUED - SEE AMFM108CK for replacementDownload
AMFM108TKDISCONTINUED - SEE AMFM108CK for replacementDownload
CI73Computer Interface for Snap CircuitsDownload
CM125Circuit Maker Skill Builder 125Download
CM1555Digital Capacitance MeterDownload
CM200Circuit Maker Skill Builder 200Download
CS440Capacitor Substitution BoxDownload
DT100Diode / Transistor TesterDownload
DT100KDiode/Transistor Tester KitDownload
ECK10Electronic Component KitDownload
EDU237035-in-1 100x-1200x Deluxe MicroscopeDownload
EDU283711" Dual-Cartography LED Illuminated GlobeDownload
EDU3020DISCONTINUED - Lemon ClockDownload
EDU3050DISCONTINUED - Solar EnergyDownload
EDU3070DISCONTINUED - Water ClockDownload
EDU36700Slide Making KitDownload
EDU36734Chemistry Lab KitDownload
EDU36749Metal Detector with Beep AlertDownload
EDU36793Rock TumblerDownload
EDU36820DISCONTINUED - C2D ScopeDownload
EDU36841DISCONTINUED - 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x Mini VideoscopeDownload
EDU3689911" Desktop Political GlobeDownload
EDU369205" Political GlobeDownload
EDU36944288x Astrolon Telescope with Aluminum TripodDownload
EDU36966DISCONTINUED - Treasure Hunter Metal DetectorDownload
EDU37113DISCONTINUED - Talking Solar Kits SystemDownload
EDU37149Wildlife GlobeDownload
EDU37173DISCONTINUED - Ranger R/C Metal DetectorDownload
EDU37307Simulated Frog Dissection KitDownload
EDU37310Bug Collector SetDownload
EDU37329T-Rex SkeletonDownload
EDU37332DISCONTINUED - Rock DrillerDownload
EDU37364DISCONTINUED-Galaxy Star FinderDownload
EDU37411DISCONTINUED - 4D Eye PuzzleDownload
EDU37412DISCONTINUED - 4D Heart PuzzleDownload
EDU37413DISCONTINUED - 4D Human Body Anatomy PuzzleDownload
EDU37414DISCONTINUED - 4D Cranial Nerve Skull PuzzleDownload
EDU37436DISCONTINUED - Robotic BeeperDownload
EDU37439DISCONTINUED - Telescope w/TripodDownload
EDU37440DISCONTINUED - Air Jet RocketDownload
EDU37502DISCONTINUED - The Night’n Day® GlobeDownload
EDU37526Radio Controlled Black WidowDownload
EDU37674Handheld MicroscopeDownload
EDU37677Water Filtration KitDownload
EDU37723DISCONTINUED - DIY Microscope KitDownload
EDU38002DISCONTINUED - Digital Eye ScopeDownload
EDU380066-in-1 Solar KitDownload
EDU41001100x-750x Zoom Microscope SetDownload
EDU41002Microscope Lab MaxDownload
EDU41003100x, 200x, 300x Microscope SetDownload
EDU41004DISCONTINUED - 100x, 300x, 600x Microscope Set with Light and ProjectorDownload
EDU41005Mobile 20/30/40x TelescopeDownload
EDU41006Human Torso SmallDownload
EDU41007Human Torso LargeDownload
EDU41008DISCONTINUED - Deluxe Microscope SetDownload
EDU410092-way MicroscopeDownload
EDU41010DISCONTINUED - Astrolon 525x Refractor TelescopeDownload
EDU41011Microscope Set in Carrying CaseDownload
EDU41012DISCONTINUED - Maxscope SetDownload
EDU557DISCONTINUED - Peg Sculpture Head Julius CeasarDownload
EDU559Limited Stock - Peg Sculpture® Head T-RexDownload
EDU567Peg Sculpture® Head Queen NefertitiDownload
EDU568DISCONTINUED - Peg Sculpture ® Head TutankhamunDownload
EDU61001DISCONTINUED - Mechanical DrumDownload
EDU61002DISCONTINUED - Aerial ScrewDownload
EDU61003DISCONTINUED - Swing BridgeDownload
EDU61004DISCONTINUED -Printing PressDownload
EDU61005DISCONTINUED - MultiBarrel CannonDownload
EDU61006DISCONTINUED - Armored CarDownload
EDU61008Self-Propelled CartDownload
EDU61010DISCONTINUED - BombardDownload
EDU61018DISCONTINUED - Mechanical ButterflyDownload
EDU61021Great KiteDownload
EDU61022DISCONTINUED- Multiple SlingDownload
EDU61023Ship Cannon with ShieldDownload
EDU62019Tumbling RobotDownload
EDU62022Sound Control UFODownload
EDU62104Mini Electric GuitarDownload
EDU62222Rhinoceros Mini-Beest KitDownload
EDU7075Chem- ScienceDownload
EDU7082DISCONTINUED - Go Science Magnet FunDownload
EDU8355Super Chem 120Download
EDU8400DISCONTINUED - Heart BeatDownload
EDU8405DISCONTINUED - Solar PowerDownload
EDU8900DISCONTINUED - Energy LabDownload
EDUBL131Insect Exploring KitDownload
EDUCM007DISCONTINUED - Crystal WonderDownload
EDUCM011DISCONTINUED - VolcanoDownload
EDUEL10TEL10T: My First Coding RobotDownload
EDUSK007DISCONTINUED - 3D DIY Eyeball Kit with CDDownload
EDUSK009DISCONTINUED - 3D DIY Heart Kit with CDDownload
EDUSK010DISCONTINUED - 3D DIY Brain Kit with CDDownload
EL362DISCONTINUED - Bigshot CameraDownload
EP130Electronic Playground 130Download
EP5050-In-One Electronic PlaygroundDownload
F2800DISCONTINUED - HandHeld 3GHz Universal CounterDownload
F2850DISCONTINUED - Freq. Counter 10Hz-3GHz - DISCONTINUEDDownload
FG5001MHz Function GeneratorDownload
FG500K1MHz Function Generator in Kit FormDownload
FG600KSurface Mount 1MHz Generator KitDownload
FM88KAutoScan Fm Radio KitDownload
FO25DISCONTINUED - Fiber Optics Voice Data KitDownload
FO30KAdventure in Fiber Optics KitDownload
FUN875DISCONTINUED - Radio Controlled Car KitDownload
GF800/555Sine/Square Wave Audio GeneratorDownload
GF80565MHz Function GeneratorDownload
K10Space War GunDownload
K11015V Power Supplies KitDownload
K14Christmas Tree KitDownload
K16Electronic CricketDownload
K17LED Robot BlinkerDownload
K19Digital BirdDownload
K20DISCONTINUED - Nerve TesterDownload
K22ADISCONTINUED - Yap BoxDownload
K24DISCONTINUED - Whooper AlarmDownload
K26Metal DetectorDownload
K28Pocket DiceDownload
K29DISCONTINUED - TV/FM OscillatorDownload
K34One Button BanditDownload
K35Telephone BugDownload
K36Sound Activated SwitchDownload
K37Resistor Substitution BoxDownload
K38Capacitor Substitution BoxDownload
LCM1950Multimeters 3 3/4 Digit Cap./Ind./LogicDownload
LP425KLogic Pulser KitDownload
LP525KLogic Probe KitDownload
LP560Logic ProbeDownload
M1000DDISCONTINUED - Compact MultimeterDownload
M1000ECompact MultimetersDownload
M1007KDISCONTINUED - Digital Mulitmeter KitDownload
M1008KCompact Digital Multimeters KITDownload
M105M105 Analog VOMDownload
M125023 Range 20k/V VOMDownload
M1250K23 Range 20k/V VOM in Kit FormDownload
M1750Multimeters 3 1/2 Digit Cap./ Freq./ Trans. w/ Grey BootDownload
M2625DISCONTINUED - 3 1/2 Digit with TemperatureDownload
M2625ADigital MultimetersDownload
M2665KDISCONTINUED - Manual OnlyDownload
M2666KMultimeters 3 1/2 Digit Cap. / Trans. KitDownload
M2795DISCONTINUED - 3 1/2 Digit Cap./ Trans./ Freq.Download
M5500RDISCONTINUED - Digital Bench MultimetersDownload
MM8000KMicro-Master® Computer Training KitDownload
MR1007DISCONTINUED - QuadrobotzDownload
MR1017DISCONTINUED - PicobotzDownload
MWK03DISCONTINUED - RobomechDownload
MX510BDISCONTINUED - Electronic Bell Action KitDownload
MX510GGenerator Action KitDownload
MX510LDISCONTINUED - Electronic Light Action KitDownload
MX510MElectronic Motor Action KitDownload
MX700KDISCONTINUED - Metal Detector KitDownload
MX901AAM Radio KitDownload
MX901AFAM/FM Radio KitDownload
MX901CCrystal Radio KitDownload
MX901FFM Radio KitDownload
MX901SWShort Wave Radio KitDownload
MX90575-In-One Electronic Project LabDownload
MX907200-in-1 Electronic Project LabDownload
MX908300-in-One Electronic Project LabDownload
MX909DISCONTINUED - 500-in-1 Electronic Project LabDownload
P1E65MHz x1 x10 Scope ProbeDownload
P2E100MHz x1 x10 Scope ProbeDownload
P3E250MHz x1 x10 Scope ProbeDownload
PK101Basic Electronic ExperimentsDownload
PK101BSame as PK101 w/ 9830 BreadboardDownload
PK201PK101 with Computer InterfaceDownload
RCC7KDISCONTINUED - Radio Controlled Car SolderingDownload
RS400Resistor Substitution BoxDownload
RS5001 Watt Resistor Substitution BoxDownload
S132530MHz Dual Trace OscilloscopeDownload
SC100Snap Circuits® Jr.Download
SC100RSnap Circuits® Jr. Educational 100 Exp.Download
SC130Snap Circuits® Jr. SelectDownload
SC300Snap Circuits® ClassicDownload
SC300RSC-300R Snap Circuits® Training ProgramDownload
SC300SSnap Circuits® 300-in-1 with Computer InterfaceDownload
SC3DMEGSnap Circuits® 3D M.E.G.Download
SC3DiSnap Circuits® 3D IlluminationDownload
SC500Snap Circuits® ProDownload
SC500RSC-500R Snap Circuits® Training ProgramDownload
SC500SSnap Circuits® Pro/ Computer InterfaceDownload
SC750Snap Circuits® ExtremeDownload
SC750RSC-750R Snap Circuits® Training ProgramDownload
SCA200Snap Circuits® ArcadeDownload
SCB20Snap Circuits® BeginnerDownload
SCBRIC1Snap Circuits® Bric: StructuresDownload
SCC350Snap Circuits® Sound & Light ComboDownload
SCD303Snap Circuits Discover CodingDownload
SCDLG100Snap Circuits® Logic GatesDownload
SCDLG200Snap Circuits® Logic Gates and CircuitsDownload
SCG125Snap Circuits® GreenDownload
SCG225Snap Circuits Green EnergyDownload
SCHL1Snap Circuits® Home LearningDownload
SCL175Snap Circuits® LIGHTDownload
SCM165Snap Circuits® MotionDownload
SCM400Snap Circuits® SnapMicro I StandardDownload
SCM450DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits SnapMicro I Deluxe ®Download
SCMYH7Snap Circuits MyHomeDownload
SCP01DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits Musical Recorder ®Download
SCP02DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits FM Radio ®Download
SCP03DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits Motion Detector ®Download
SCP06Snap Circuits® Flying SaucerDownload
SCP07DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits Water Clock ®Download
SCP08Snap Circuits® ElectromagnetismDownload
SCP09Snap Circuits® Flying Saucer PlusDownload
SCP10Snap Circuits® Basic ElectricityDownload
SCP11Snap Circuits® LED FunDownload
SCP12Snap Circuits® FM RadioDownload
SCP13Snap Circuits® Motion DetectorDownload
SCP14Snap Circuits® Strobe Light and SoundDownload
SCROV10RC Snap Rover®Download
SCROV50Discontinued-Snap Circuits® Deluxe Snap Rover®Download
SCS185Snap Circuits® SOUNDDownload
SCSTEM1Snap Circuits® STEMDownload
SCXP50DISCONTINUED - Snap Circuits® XPDownload
SG9000DISCONTINUED - Wide Band RF GeneratorDownload
SG9200DISCONTINUED - Audio GeneratorDownload
SG9500DISCONTINUED - Wide Band RF Generator w/ CounterDownload
SK40Deluxe Solar Kits Educational KitDownload
SKM250Hands-on Basic Electronics KitDownload
SL5Soldering Station (No Iron)Download
SL540Soldering Station (40W Iron)Download
SL5KDISCONTINUED - Soldering Station Kit (No Iron)Download
SL5K40Soldering Station Kit (40W Iron)Download
SL75Soldering StationDownload
SM200KSurface Mount Technology KitDownload
SP1APractical Soldering Project KitDownload
SP3BPractical Soldering Project KitDownload
ST92DISCONTINUED - Fiber Optic Viewing ScopeDownload
TCT255KDataCom Tester KitDownload
TCT355MultiModular Cable TesterDownload
TG50DISCONTINUED - Tone GeneratorDownload
TP20Tone ProbeDownload
TPG70Tone Generator / Probe SetDownload
TT400KDISCONTINUED - Telephone Line Analyzer KitDownload
UC100DISCONTINUED - Upgrade Kit SC300 & UP to SCM400Download
UC30Limited Stock – Upgrade Kit SC100 to SC300Download
UC40Limited Stock - Upgrade Kit SC100 to SC500Download
UC50Upgrade Kit SC300 to SC500Download
UC60Limited Stock – Upgrade Kit SC100 to SC750Download
UC70Upgrade Kit SC300 to SC750Download
UC80Upgrade Kit SC500 to SC750Download
UC90Upgrade Kit SCROV10 to SCROV50Download
UCDLLimited Stock – Disc Launcher for SCROV50 (included in UC90)Download
WJL6000Halogen Leak DetectorDownload
WMSK200FM Radio Soldering Kit with ToolsDownload
WMSK300WEmake Sound Reversing Car KitDownload
XK150Digital / Analog TrainerDownload
XK500DISCONTINUED - Digital-Analog TrainerDownload
XK550DISCONTINUED - Digital / Analog Trainer in CaseDownload
XK550KDigital / Analog Trainer Kit VersionDownload
XK700Deluxe Digital / Analog TrainerDownload
XK700KDeluxe Digital / Analog Trainer Kit VersionDownload
XK700TDeluxe Digital / Analog Trainer with ToolsDownload
XK700TKDeluxe Digital / Analog Trainer with Tools Kit VersionDownload
XP100Deluxe Battery EliminatorDownload
XP15Variable Voltage Power SuppliesDownload
XP15KVariable Voltage Power Supplies KitDownload
XP581AQuad 020V @ 2.5A 3 FixedDownload
XP605030VDC @ 5A AnalogDownload
XP625AC/DC Power SuppliesDownload
XP720Triple Supply w/ 12.6VAC CT @ 1ADownload
XP720KSame as XP720 in Kit FormDownload
XP752A050VDC @ 3A LCD DisplayDownload
XP765DISCONTINUED - 0-20 VDC Power Supplies Digital DisplayDownload
XP770Dual 0-20V @ 2A 5V @ 2A LCDDownload
XP800DISCONTINUED - Two AC Variable Voltages; 0-120V and 0-40V @ 7A, Plus 0-28VDC @ up to 10ADownload
XR38Regulated 13.8V @ 3ADownload
XR38URegulated 13.8V @ 3ADownload