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Pinball Machine

Build a fully-functional Pinball Machine! Score points and challenge friends while learning about STEAM concepts.

Globe Explorer

With augmented reality (AR) features, kids can learn facts about every country, including resources, animals, monuments, geography, and more!

Globe Explorer

Use the power of hydraulic pressure to launch paper airplanes! Kids can learn how dierent types of planes have dierent flight patterns.

What is Smartivity?

Smartivity® Do-It-Yourself activity kits are designed to help children ages 6+ understand fundamental principles of STEAM. Use your own art supplies to make your creation your own!

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Elenco has partnered with Smartivity Labs to to distribute Smartivity® branded educational toys and kits! Choose from over 15 different kits!


Made from high-quality, re-engineered, laser-cut wood, all Smartivity® products are recyclable, safe, non-toxic, and sustainable.

STEAM Concepts

Each kit comes with richly-illustrated, step-by-step instructions with experiments to ensure understanding of STEAM concepts learned through play.

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