Snap Circuits® teaches basic engineering, electronics and circuitry concepts by using building components with snaps to assemble electronic circuits on a simple “rows-and-columns” base grid. The resulting projects function like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products. Each Snap Circuits® part is easily identifiable by a different color and purpose, and each kit includes an easy-to-follow project manual. Our innovative product line offers a wide range of kits, in differing size and complexity, perfect for future engineers ages 8+, with a beginner set designed for kids ages 5+.

The Snap Circuits® brand has been endorsed by K-12 educators globally and used in schools, libraries, museums, afterschool and homeschool programs, STEM and Maker programs, and at home. Many of today’s rising leaders in science and technology learned the basics of engineering by creating and inventing with Snap Circuits® as a child. Teachers and educators worldwide use Snap Circuits® and its curriculum-rich, full-color manuals to teach kids basic concepts in a fun and exciting way. Educators also applaud Snap Circuits® because it reinforces other important skills, such as small motor skills and reading.


Main Products Model Product Name Price Parts Projects Education Value Upgradeable Description
SCB-20 Snap Circuits® Beginner $25.95 12+ 20+ Good No Beginner set for younger children (5+).
SC 100 SC-100 Snap Circuits® Jr. $36.95 30+ 100+ Good to SC-750 Small basic set.
SC-130 Snap Circuits® Select $36.95 30+ 130+ Good No Small basic set.
SC-300 Snap Circuits®  Classic $73.95 60+ 300+ Good to SC-750 Basic set.
SC-300S Snap Circuits® 300-in-1 with Computer Interface $94.95 60+ 346 Good to SC-750 SC-300 plus CI-73.
SC-500 Snap Circuits® Pro $104.95 75+ 584 Good No Basic Set.
SC-500S Snap Circuits® Pro/ Computer Interface $125.95 75+ 750+ Good No SC-500 plus CI-73.
SC-750 Snap Circuits® Extreme $151.95 80+ 200+ Good No Largest Basic Set.
Themed Products Model Product Name Price Parts Projects Education Value Upgradeable Description
SC-BRIC1 Snap Circuits® BRIC: Structures $44.95 200+ 20+ Good No Combine Snap Circuits® with ordinary building bricks and make endless combinations of construction and circuitry.
SC-3DMEG Snap Circuits® 3D MEG $78.95 60+ 500+ Good No Magnetics, Electronics & Gears in 3 Dimensions.
SC-3Di Snap Circuits® 3D & Illumination $68.95 50+ 150+ Good No Lights and build circuits in 3 dimensions.
SCSNAPINO ™ Snapino $52.95 15 20 Good No Intro to coding with Arduino™ microcontroller.
SC-STEM1 Snap Circuits® STEM $52.95 45+ 85+ Excellent No Focus on basic electricity & magnetism for STEM.
SCG-125 Snap Circuits® Green $83.95 40+ 125+ Excellent No Focuses on alternative energy.
SCM-165 Snap Circuits® Motion $88.95 50+ 165+ Good No Focus on motion, with lots of things happening.
SCL-175 Snap Circuits® Light $88.95 60+ 175+ Good No Focus on light & what we can do with it.
SCS-185 Snap Circuits® Sound  $88.95 40+ 185+ Good No Focus on sound, with many cool effects.
SCA-200 Snap Circuits® Arcade $67.95 35+ 20+ Good No Includes Build-and-Play Games and Fun Modules.
SCC-350 Snap Circuits® Light & Sound Combo $157.95 65+ 350+ Good No Combines SCL- 185 & SCS-185 in deluxe case.
SCROV-10 RC Snap Rover® $104.95 30+ 23 Good to SCROV-50 Remote control vehicle.
SCROV-50 Deluxe Snap Rover® $146.95 50+ 63 Good No R/C vehicle & disc launcher & space sounds.
Educational Series Model Product Name Price Parts Projects Education Value Upgradeable Description
SCBE-75 Snaptricity® $44.95 40+ 75+ Very Good No Focus on basic electricity & magnetism.
SC-HL1 Snap Circuits® Home Learning 1 $39.95 25 30 Excellent No Lesson-based set for home schooling.
DLG-100 Snap Circuits® Logic Gates $49.95 19 6 Good No Introduction to logic gates.
DLG-200 Snap Circuits® Logic Gates & Circuits $99.95 57 17 Very Good No Introduction to logic gates and principles.
SC-100R Snap Circuits® Jr. Educational 100 Expermiments $57.95 30+ 100+ Very Good to SC-750R SC-100 with Student Guide Junior.
SC-300R Snap Circuits® Classic Training Program $131.95 60+ 300+ Excellent to SC-750R SC-300 with Student Guide, Teacher Guide and deluxe case SNAPCASE7.
SC-500R Snap Circuits® Pro Training Program $167.95 75+ 500+ Excellent to SC-750R SC-500 with Student Guide, Teacher Guide and deluxe case SNAPCASE7.
SC-750R Snap Circuits® Extreme Training Program $220.95 80+ 750+ Excellent No SC-750 with Student Guide, Teacher Guide and deluxe case SNAPCASE7.
SCM-400 Snap Micro $119.95 49 25 Very Good No Intro to microcontrollers, programming & flowcharts. More advanced software than SCXP-50.