Classic Student Guide: Part 1

For SC-300, 500, or 750 sets. Includes supplemental experiments, quizzes, and background information on the operation of specific components.

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Classic Student Guide: Part 2

Part 2 of the Classic Student Guide, broken down for easier and quicker download. (Printed version is one manual). File size for each download is 8M.

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Student Guide Junior

For use with Snap Circuits Junior (SC-100). Includes quizzes to enhance and reinforce learning. File size: 5M.

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Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide can be used with the SC-100, 300, 500, or 750 set. Includes quiz questions and lesson ideas. File size: 1M

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March 2020

A Message from Elenco:

The Coronavirus has caused major disruptions throughout the world. School districts across the country have rolled out e-learning platforms at an amazing and unprecedented speed. We applaud all administrators, teachers, and staff for their tireless efforts to make e-learning a reality and to provide a continuity of education for America’s students. We support all teachers and school districts who have worked hard and maintained an incredible commitment and dedication to student learning during this crisis.

To help teachers, parents, and students during these difficult times, Elenco is making its Snap Circuits® Teacher Guide and Student Guides available for a limited time to download for FREE!

We believe the best way to learn is by doing.

Together, we will get through this crisis.

-The Elenco Team


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