Meet EL10T: My First Coding Robot

Greetings! I am EL10T. I am a one-of-a-kind coding robot designed especially for little learners age 3+. Join me and together we will code, explore and learn!

Developed in 2019, EL10T is our first robot designed especially for children age 3+. EL10T teaches children the basics of robotics and coding, while incorporating problem-solving and creativity. Children will be delighted to see their coding skills bring EL10T to life, as he navigates his surroundings. You can even use the coding blocks to create your own custom path for EL10T. There are endless possibilities for family fun! Your mission: code, explore and learn with EL10T! This one-of-a-kind coding robot is perfect for little learners, while still providing challenges for grade school age children. Hours and hours of fun and education will be had with EL10T!  
  • EL10T coding blocks introduce young minds to programming and programming concepts. Coding blocks program directions and EL10T’s movement- left turn, right turn and forward.
  • Build important logic, problem solving, sequencing and critical thinking skills. Insert coding blocks into the control panel base and upload into EL10T’s helmet. Put the helmet on EL10T’s head. You really do put ideas in EL10T’s head!
  • Understand the process of writing and rewriting code by changing the sequence of blocks in the control panel.
  • Start coding with 16 mission cards that direct EL10T to explore the Solar system or town with the double-sided mat-map. Graduate to coding EL10T’s movements on a table top or in your house.
  • Includes 16 Mission cards, 20 Coding Blocks, cardboard obstacles, stickers, Coding Panel and EL10T the Coding Robot.
EL10T: My First Coding Robot

Elenco and STEM

“Learn by doing®” is Elenco’s registered trademark and every product that it creates is rooted in this principle.  From its humble roots in a Chicago-area basement to a leader in the STEM movement, Elenco — the makers of SNAP CIRCUITS® — continues to introduce innovative and educational products that drive discovery and imagination. Elenco’s products have been endorsed by K-12 educators globally and used in schools, libraries, museums, after-school and homeschool programs, STEM and Maker programs, and at home. Recently, there has been a major resurgence of DIY culture, particularly in the area of hobbyist engineering. This has been dubbed the ‘Maker Movement,’ and it is made up of a community of inventors and hobbyists of all ages who aspire to make things. Elenco is closely connected to the movement, and its educational tools are helping children learn to invent and create much earlier than ever before. Elenco was STEM before the term “STEM” even existed and Elenco continues to pave the way for education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.