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@SnapCircuits My son’s 5th BD and the first thing he wanted to do was build his own BD song and “candle”. https://t.co/JfKpuqUsHQ

@SnapCircuits and constellations and outer space, oh my! ✨🌘 The Little Dipper lit up too! It was a delight to watch this project evolve this week! #LOSDlogic #hallinanhawks #creation #Collaboration #innovation https://t.co/HCdHaLDSxe

Our Year 4s have been exploring and making predictions about whether these complete and incomplete electrical circuits will activate a component or not. They also had a go with the new @SnapCircuits sets #electronics #science #exploration @AspirationsAT #oceanacademyscience https://t.co/zYLF2CnJ90 JoEdwards79 photo

@nookpod @SnapCircuits @AspirationsAT @nookpod - I bet your pods work well in schools for #collaboration! Great design!
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